Melbourne Day 14:

Day 14 marked the final day of my Melbourne stay. It was great being back in the city I loved living in so much, eating great food, drinking good coffee, beers and best of all, seeing all my friends, both new and old. As you can see in the first daily pic, my expression is a little moodier than usual as all my bags are packed and ready to head back to the land of humidity and oily food. These are just about all the photos I have to show you. I’m glad I managed to do an almost day to day update whilst on holiday. I hope you’ve enjoyed going through my nonsense and having a little look-see into my condensed Melbourne living guide. I’m going to slow things down a little after this post and get more serious. Just keep an eye and ear out, won’t be posting as much content but will try and keep it to a daily.

-01. Supreme hoodie, Levis 501, Nike Flyknit Racer.

 photo DSCF1601_zps76b33682.jpg

-02. Sunday morning started around 10am at Hardware Societe with these guys.

 photo DSCF1558_zpsa99176a1.jpg

-03. Mike’s tee was on point. Jason reckoned it should’ve said ‘Bearista’ instead, would’ve made it ten times better. Anyway, it was perfect for #sneakersncoffee.

 photo DSCF1559_zps3edf432e.jpg

-04. We all had the same thing, it was the special that day and yes, it was truly something special. I could’ve eaten two plates.

 photo DSCF1563_zpsa9d71877.jpg

-05. Ed looking a little sleepy.

 photo DSCF1565_zpse7488ca9.jpg

-06. That guy in the striped tee got a little emotional after having a taste of the breakfast special.

 photo DSCF1566_zps6a407169.jpg

-07. Mike on the camo action.

 photo DSCF1570_zpsb60f6763.jpg

-08. Why I love Melbourne.

 photo DSCF1572_zpsae4a1908.jpg

-09. Lads can dress.

 photo DSCF1575_zpse165672e.jpg

-10. After grabbing a bunch of takeaway coffees from BBB, we went round the corner for a little stoop. And you know what happens when a bunch of sneaker peeps gather round with coffees.

 photo DSCF1578_zps631e2bf6.jpg

-11. Boom. Except if you looked up #sneakersncoffee on Instagram you’ll know what really happened.

 photo DSCF1582_zpscabcde0c.jpg

-12. Another respectable photographer.

 photo DSCF1580_zpsd2c30f07.jpg

-13. A rare opportunity… this is Jason, go find him at Up There Store.

 photo DSCF1586_zpsd799a79a.jpg

-14. Up There.

 photo DSCF1590_zps3edd6120.jpg

-15. This guy greets me as I walk home everyday from the tram stop.

 photo DSCF1591_zps5fdf2d30.jpg

-16. Bye bye.

 photo DSCF1595_zpsdf437e6c.jpg

-17. With my last bit of gold, I got myself a Whopper. What was I thinking.

 photo DSCF1603_zpsb0e79cc1.jpg

-18. I had row 31, the best row on board. The next four seats beside me were empty too, so I cruised the skies like a boss.

 photo DSCF1609_zps952f87fb.jpg

-19. Beer, peanuts and the latest copy of Apartamento magazine.

 photo DSCF1613_zps231c100c.jpg

-20. I watched a depressing black and white movie.

 photo DSCF1619_zps7b3ae17e.jpg

-21. I looked out at the stars for a bit and thought about how much more I need to see and how big the picture can actually get. I also thought about how good the movie James and the giant peach was.

 photo DSCF1621_zpsbbbb2938.jpg

-22. After this I went to have a little kip.

 photo DSCF1633_zps9673270b.jpg


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