Remember that time Bruce Wayne left Gotham City to travel the world to learn about and fine tune his martial arts? That time he joined The League of Shadows, met Ra’s Al Ghul? And that other time he was left beaten and bruised, and thrown into a giant hole in the ground by Bane?


2013 has been a hell of a rushed year, I’ve moved back to Singapore from Australia, where I spent a good nine years growing up and getting comfortable in. I then jumped straight into photography work, most of the time throwing myself in the deep end and learning as I go along. I’ve met countless people in the last five months and tried to get involved with everything I’m interested in (art, fashion, music etc). Things have moved so fast, I started to feel like I have not had any time to think about what I actually want out of all this.


Returning to Melbourne two weeks ago refreshed my mind, I was re-inspired by other artists, photographers, creative minds, my friends and the city. It also gave me a little time to think about my work and how much of the world I have yet to see and get to know.


My point here is, I’m going to go into a form of learning and improving, taking some time off mass blogging to study and practise photography. Just like Bruce, I hope to will return more focused, to knowing exactly what I want and how I want to get there, to save my own Gotham City (my art and mind).


I may still post some nonsense every once in a while (maybe when I have time) but I promise I will return with something more. For now, you have 1148 posts in the archive to look back into here on Good Morning Kids. Thanks for reading, following and liking.

email me at for work (photo shoots etc.) or to say hello, I’m super friendly despite looking 100% miserable.

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