Paid 2902 Gallery a visit last evening. The opening exhibition was Vignettes: Between Light & Dark, featuring black and white photo works from nine photographers, local and international. I got into talking with Norihisa Hosaka about how he created his intense and high contrast photos titled Burning Chrome. He noticed my Fuji XE-1 and ran off to show me his camera. It looked like a DP-1 by Sigma with an added hand grip, very cool. I still like the idea of producing large works with little cameras.

Just outside the exhibition, I met another Japanese bloke who told me that he runs his own publishing company, Roshin Books. He’s got something very cool coming out in September!

The other works were all very cool and creative, and I suggest checking this out if you’re in Singapore.

-01. Norihisa Hosaka.

 photo DSCF1700_zps780dbd80.jpg

-02. Burning Chrome.

 photo DSCF1699_zpsc9044002.jpg


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